medals / jewelry designs / and other artifacts

I have created a number of jewelry pieces, medals, including variations on the Expanding Boundaries medal using 3d printing and investment casting in bronze; new versions using resin and electro-forming; and CNC machined artifacts from wood and chemiwood.

digital-biological bronze medals

The images step through the various designing and making phases, from modeling in Blender3d; through the CNC-machined castable wax master model; creating the silicone mold; shelling; and chasing step that ends with patination. The images show the obverse and reverse sides of the medals. (Limited edition of 8, including a medal from the original wax model.) I have made these at RCA's Foundry.

Venus probe and Galileo probe rings

These are silver, patinated silver, bronze and gold plated bronze rings, which I have created in a similar process to the bronze medals, at RCA's Jewellery Studio, with lots of teaching support from the outstanding technical staff. I have designed the rings using Autodesk Fusion 360. From this the STL model was 3d printed in wax, the master ring was casted in silver, from which I have made silicone molds and subsequent wax models. The replica rings were silver and bronze. I have made them at RCA's Jewellery workshops.

The investment casting process is illustrated through the following images. 

unofficial ISU signet ring

We have always talked about a school ring, but it never happened. So, I have designed and made and unofficial signet ring with an International Space University (ISU) theme. Designed it using Fusion 360, and produced it through Shapeways. They use the same process as I did for the Galileo and Venus rings. That is, 3d printing the STL model, then investment casting it. Working with ISU to make it an offering through direct ordering it from Shapeways, with money donated to an ISU scholarship. (...if my proposal is approved by ISU...) 

copernican ring

Inspired by the copernican view of the solar system. Bronze-steel, designed in Fusion 360, 3d printed through Shapeways. 

Jack and Fiona rings

Simple steel rings with both names imprinted inside each ring. Modeled in Fusion 360, 3d printed through Shapeways. 

LaCroix ring

Bronze-steel ring designed in Fusion 360, printed through Shapeways. The design incorporates a groove that cuts holes into the corners.

nut ring

Started as a modification to a nut, with the corners rounded and other features added. Modeled in Fusion 360. Bronze-steel version.

rook ring

Inspired by the chess piece. I was experimenting with undercuts, which would be difficult to make through traditional processes. Modeled in Fusion 360. Steel version.

side-cut ring

Experimented with undercuts, arches, and separations. Modeled in Fusion 360. Bronze-steel version.

voronoi ring

Experimenting with the voronoi pattern. Modeled in Fusion 360. Black-steel version.

rocket nozzle ring

The holes on the top face of the ring has a da Laval nozzle shape. Modeled in Fusion 360. Bronze-steel version.

other ring concepts

These designs were not yet made into physical artifacts, these are only Fusion 360 rendered models. The "aeroshell" ring echoes the cross section of a Galileo type aeroshell. The two "bridge" designs symbolize bridge constructions. The "flavian" ring reflects the shape of a roman arena. The "simple signet" is what the name states. Modeled in Fusion 360.


I have designed this small vase in Blender3d and made it through Shapeways out of bronze-steel. The diameter is about 5cm, but as with STL models it can be scaled up if needed (but at a significant cost).

medal variations

Beside the bronze medals and sculptures, I have experimented with other materials and processes. These included resin, resin with aluminum or titanium powder, carbon paste coated resin, and electro-forming over the resin core. I have use silicone mold of the Expanding Boundaries medal, and the Galileo Flow Field sculpture to create the resin versions.  


I have designed a number of links, which were either CNC machined out of wood or chemiwood at RCA's Digital Aided Making, or 3d printed out of gold-steel. I have done this as an exercise to learn Fusion 360 modeling.

Orbit Co-Design logo

I have created a physical version of the logo of my Orbit Co-Design LLC. Designed with Fusion 360, 3d printed in polished grey steel through Shapeways.

bangle and bracelet

The bangle was strongly influenced by the Cartier love bangle, and includes a logo imprint. I have designed it in Fusion 360, and 3d printed it through Shapeways in bronze-steel. The voronoi bracelet concept is a scaled and modified version of the voronoi ring.